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    We Believe that things can be better.

    We do this by challenging the status quo,
    thinking different, acting bold.

    We just happen to make shirts  ( for now )


    Welcome to MR SHIRTS,

    We are not a big company. We don’t want to act like a big company. We are a brand that believes things can be better. We want to take less, give more & inspire others to do the same.

    My name is Chris & I created Mr Shirts because I believe that things can be better. What Mr Shirts achieves is luxury quality at affordable prices where fit, quality, service and affordability are all of equal importance. 

    We only use Luxury 2-ply fabrics, 100% superfine cotton, mother-of-pearl buttons, 18 stitches per inch, hand stitch detailing, no pleats, no darts, removable collar stays, and that’s just to start. 

    Simple name, simple philosophy: the Cut, the Quality. Created here in Australia and taking our vision to the world. Stay a while, shop around. We hope you'll love Mr Shirts! 

    It won't cost you the shirt off your back – we just want to put the best one on it! 

    We are Mr Shirts and at Mr Shirts we don't shirt around.  


    Stay Classy, 

    Delivering Better Quality  •  Better Service  •  Better Living